I was wrong, you were wrong, and both of us need to correct this mistake.

I'll follow your instructions.


I can't get through to him.

I would love to drive the car but I'm only 14.

Why don't you let me take a look?


He has a well of knowledge.

I forgot to ask your name.

Is your mom at home?

Rhonda showed his room to me.

Your reply is wrong.


They were supposed to have gotten married in May.

No action is in itself good or bad.

It's cold. It was foolish of you not to bring your coat.

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I'll get something to drink for both of you.

They have run this small hotel since it was established.

Dan led the investigators to the crime scene.

Are you writing a letter?

She started to engage in sexual activity.

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Tessellations have been used to create decorative motifs in both textiles and architecture since ancient times.

I knew we should've stayed at home.

She quit the company.

I heard that even a lot of college graduates have to work for minimum wage.

Playing tennis is his hobby.

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I'm not ready to have kids yet.

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I'll be right out here.

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Such treatment would make anybody rebel.

He says that he enjoyed it very much.

How much did you see?

Atoms are in everything.

Everything is all right.

The colony of Haiti declared its independence in 1804.

The tires are very sticky.

You have your orders, people.

He handed the letter to the secretary.

I went to school by bus yesterday.

I hate infinite scrolling, because I strongly believe that users should have a right to choose if they want to load the next page or not.

That's fine with me.

What do you think they're planning to do with all that money?

Karima asked Marie where the dog was.

Could you please tell me the truth?

It was a big upset when Hingis was eliminated in the first round.

Alan shouldn't be trusted.

What time do you finish work?

It is history which repeats itself.

I never dreamed so many people would come to my concert.

Why couldn't you sleep last night?

I want you to think about this very carefully.

It's thanks to the support of my family that I was able to leave that company and open up this new restaurant.

I saw you and Sekar yelling at each other yesterday.

I don't think Romain understood me.

To tell the truth, I am not your father.

I also speak French.

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I can't believe I signed off on your fuckin' E-5!

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Does time really heal all wounds, or do we just become accustomed to having been wounded?


They zapped Ima with the defibrillator.

Romulans also have pointed ears.

Maybe I should talk to Ning.

Why'd you go to Japan?

Roxane gave Miles a very nice present.

I can't believe it's really Kees.

Get out of my class.

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He saw a butterfly on the wall.

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Lois no longer wants to go to Boston.


It's a great story.

This shows that English isn't just for the British anymore.

I hate chalk. It leaves powder on your hands.

Did you tell Dion that?

We shouldn't be fighting with each other.

I gathered from his looks he was angry with me.


There are about twenty of them.

He is tall and strong.

I always had my eye on you.

The art teacher paints at night.

We let the bird fly.

I heard about it.

He could not speak French well.

Cosmetic stem cell therapy is in the early stages of development.

Duncan seemed to know what he wanted.

That's impressive.

You can purchase this medicine without a prescription.

Since you don't believe me, look for yourself.


The picnic was called off because of rain.

She carried out the plan.

I was going to call him.

Ricky got in the taxi.

I think it's highly unlikely that Casey will eat the sandwich you made for him.

Maybe you embank it.

You know English?

I came with her.

Does anyone here speak French?

It's got to mean something.

Socorrito has enough time.

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I knew Stuart wouldn't have the courage to quit.


Is his father alive?


I was pretty gullible.


Jacobson let Cristina drive his new car.

The market is over-saturated.

I was being serious.

Oh my! Is she weeping for joy?

No one is more hardworking than you all.


It's actually very simple to do.

It's not likely but possible.

I'm going there. No one can stop me.

I don't have a battery anymore.

We have inherited the gift of music from animals such as insects and birds.

What are you doing at this hour?

Mason stumbled and fell.

It is in the nature of birds to fly and build nests.

Bea works as an announcer on television.

Rod eats anything.

Everyone in the room burst out laughing when they saw Jenine slip on the banana peel.


Let's rest here.


Do you want me to help you clean your garage?

Now, this is really important.

We can get three stations in this area.


I hope you're enjoying this.

I'd be glad to tell Lucius how to do that.

I belong somewhere else.

There are no quick fixes for this problem.

Are you still afraid something might happen?

Focusing on Luna, instead of Mars, may be easier for now, in the theme of colonization. Luna is much closer.

Laurent had an early breakfast.


In school, Griff was often teased.

Lenora is a lot like Andy.

Let's inquire about our hotel reservations.

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You cannot outsmart destiny.


He was a pioneer in this field.


One of these eggs hasn't hatched yet.

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I didn't want to get up early.

Last Sunday, Sugih and I went to the library together.

I take them a size bigger, if possible.


There's no way to convince him. He absolutely insists that the only way to solve the problem is his way.

He was at a loss which way to take.

Taking her lute in her hand, she began to play so beautifully that one felt as though one could never hear enough.

When I was a boy, I often read a book in bed.

See me in my office.


Congratulations! You won a free cruise!


Grace seems scared about something.

We're usually at home in the evening.

Just try to act as if nothing has happened.

You should concentrate on one thing and learn to do it well.

He has a lot of foreign stamps.

They watched me in silence.

As usual, I mispronounced words and broke my sentences up in the wrong places.

Amy really knows how to stay in shape.

I've never actually seen a real cow.

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Many people, especially older ones, were very disapproving of Elvis Presley's suggestive hip movements during his stage performances.


There's nothing more I can teach you.

Everybody knows that he is honest.

They believed you.


What's your favorite thing to have for supper?


Jeanette doesn't seem to know the answer.

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Once again, Lojban is at the forefront of human creative experience - which, of course, will slow it down even as it strengthens it, like a tsunami as it approaches a shoreline.

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Jeany knows when he's supposed to be here.


Let's not let the same thing happen to us.

I have a pretty wooden box to keep my jewelry in.

Dieter is like a father to me.

Nicolas took your brother to the zoo.

She is not going to explain it to them.